Fall Clean Up
November 2, 2016, 9:12 pm
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November 2, 2016

Last week and this past Monday, my fencing contractor was here. We changed a couple things in our fence. We added a gate in a spot that I had thought I’d never need. I was wrong. It’s all fixed now. He also replaced the section of fence that got crushed by the big tree. In his equipment line up, he has a brush hog that mounts to the front of his skidsteer.

His machine is a tracked machine, so his footprint is very light. I had him mow a few problem spots that had gotten away from me. They were wet areas that seem to never dry out. The marshy areas make perfect growing conditions for red brush and brambles. The next thing you know it is an impassable pain in the neck! Ed made short work of those areas. I will work to add drainage in the future, but having the vegetation cleared out will help them dry out on their own.

I continue to pick corn. It is going very well. I expect to finish by the weekend. The horses get better with every load. My helpers continue to show up and lend a hand and I am very grateful. We picked 24 rows today. The crib is filling fast and I am finding all sorts of aches and pains….but the fall clean up continues as we clean up the harvest and few problem spots as well.

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Who is your fence contractor? That is an awesome machine that I need on my property too! If you don’t mind sending me his contact info I’d appreciate it!

Comment by Jacklyn Krysa

Ed Struna, Hickory Nut Fencing, Williamsfield Ohio

Comment by ricelandmeadows

I do love a nice, tight fence. 😊

Comment by Donkey Driver

LOL, funny how us farmers look at things. I like a good bucket! Five gallon that is 🙂

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Oh buckets are a favorite of mine also! A nice galvanized metal one is what I prefer.

Comment by Donkey Driver

I stick with a plastic five gallon one. They don’t rust. They are quiet and they are light. They even make a good seat!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Oh yes, we have our collection of plastic buckets also. And when you borrow one from someone…you give it back.

Comment by Donkey Driver

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