It’s the little things that matter
November 26, 2016, 6:18 pm
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November 26, 2016

After several years, two other attempts and some new parts, I finally have water at the back pasture. I am not out of the woods yet, as there is still a leak underground, but at least I can pump water for the cows. I snapped this picture in the dark the other night as I celebrated at the flowing water. This makes doing chores much easier. No longer do I have to take the cows all the way to the barn to drink.

Opening and closing gates to move the cows, added anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes onto my chore time. This always depended upon the mood of the cows too. I especially hated this job, in the dark mornings, before work at my off farm job. Those were the days when the cows wanted to poke along slow or even turn around and go the wrong way. I am very grateful for having water here at the cow’s winter home, to say the least.

Getting the pump working was actually a simple thing. We fixed it once this summer, but the contacts on the switch burnt up. It took the efforts of my electrical friend Brian to sort it out. That job was easy for him. It pays to know such people. Having water for the cows is just a little thing, but it means a lot in the scheme of things. It usually is the little things that matter.

Here on this small farm, I need to make every step count. Fiddling around an  extra hour every day doing chores, makes no sense at all. I should have kept at it and just got the water fixed years ago. I kept putting it off for every reason under the sun and thereby adding to my workload. What was I thinking? Oh well, it’s fixed now and I will keep it that way.

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