Piling up the Benefits
January 5, 2017, 2:03 pm
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January 5 2017

Yesterday, in a bitter cold windy day, I pushed up the manure pile. I use this dry stack area to compost all of our manure. I dump wheelbarrows until I can’t close the gate. I then push the piles up and mix it in a bit with the skid steer. Yesterday, the steam rolled out of the pile as I disturbed it, with a fog that I couldn’t see through! That pile is working hard, let me tell you.

The pile is a mix of animal manures and lots of straw, old hay and some sawdust. The whole thing breaks down and turns to rich compost. The rotting action does slow a little in this cold time of year, but it still works like a charm. By the time I have to push up the wheelbarrow piles, the main pile will have shrunk down by a few feet. I root around in there with the skid steer bucket, somewhat turning the pile. This action seems to make the pile decompose much quicker.

I would not do quite so much mixing, if it weren’t for my big orange shovel (AKA skid steer) That thing makes quick work of all manure management issues. I have quite a bit to manage, so I welcome the help it gives me. This pile and many like it are the basis for my farm’s fertility. It’s free for the gathering, just one more benefit that piles up around here.

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I do love a good compost pile! I turn mine with the skid steer also.

Comment by Donkey Driver

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