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January 14, 2017, 10:43 pm
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January 14, 2017

We are having a very crazy winter. Usually we are buried in snow and most things are frozen solid. Sure we do get a usual “January Thaw” but this year is nuts! This view from my living room window, shows the snow all melted and the effects of an inch and a quarter of rain. We went from frozen to mud in just two days!

Our pond is now full. The pasture however, does not usually contain a river. It is making things difficult. Traversing the mud just takes the fun out of everything. Even the dog is a muddy mess, as well as, my boots…and we won’t even talk about the breezeway.

Maple syrup season is just six weeks away for us in a normal year. This year however, is far from normal. It is making me second guess too many things. I have decided to continue to do what is normal without paying attention to the weather. I get peace of mind that way. But I will say…it sure makes sled riding a whole lot tougher!

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It’s just crazy Ralph! I’ll take snow over this mud! This is why I laugh when people claim wr are in a “drought” during the Summer!! Short memories. Try to keep clean.

Comment by Jacklyn Krysa

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