Sargent Pepper
September 15, 2017, 9:51 pm
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September 15, 2017

We got this little donkey to protect our sheep flock from the increasing coyote population. This little guy is a sweetheart. He is seven years old. He has no known vices, loves people and can be ridden by small children. His name is Sargent Pepper. It seemed like a great name for a guard!

He has been introduced to the calves and lambs. I don’t think anyone has bonded to him yet, but they all are getting along very well. Herd animals like to have company, Pepper is no different. Today, I saw every one of the animals resting in the shade, Pepper was among them. I think the first hurdle has been crossed.

He does have a loud bray, but is not obnoxious with it. He comes when we call him. We do give him a treat for coming, but what a great thing. I was afraid that he might be hard to catch or a problem animal. This is simply not the case. He is a great little guy. We will continue to pet and make over him. I want him to like us and continue to be an asset on our farm.

There is peace of mind knowing that while I’m sleeping, Sargent Pepper will be watching over the flock.

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I love donkeys! So jealous! He looks so cute!

Comment by Jacklyn

Donkeys are such special animals. So glad he got to go to a good home.

Comment by Donkey Driver

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