Party Bugs


October 4, 2017

A harvest party will be held here soon. I got the bright idea to make a spider out of a round bale. I kept the old tile pieces just to make this crazy bug. The only problem is, I didn’t keep 8 pieces for the spider’s legs! No big deal. I just fell back on to an old memory instead.

As a child, we played games and grandma’s house. We played Chinese Checkers often, but we also played a game called “Cootie”. The cootie bug only had 6 legs, so I was in luck with our decoration! Our holiday bug would become a Cootie! I also remember that having “cooties” would keep girls away…or at least that is what they told me!

This crazy bug is now calling our lawn home. He is a friendly looking creature, even with his fangs! Hopefully the young ones won’t be scared. I am going to pause often to remember my grandparents and some laughs shared playing a game building bugs. As for having “cooties” ….I must have shed them at some point…thanks goodness!

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