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January 16, 2018, 9:16 pm
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January 16, 2018

I let the horses and donkey out to play this afternoon. They are fun to watch as they run, jump and roll in the fresh snow. I guess they get bored on these cold snowy days just like we do. The boredom will soon pass. I am healing well and very soon will resume winter farm work. I will be careful. I will have help, but I will soon be working horses again and I can’t wait!

The donkey has bonded with the draft horses. He much prefers to be with them instead of the sheep. He still patrols the sheep pasture, but stays with the horses. He has his own “stall” which is just the spot where he eats his grain, but he goes there every time! He makes me chuckle. I like the little guy.

I actually wonder if he will follow us while we work. I think it will be much easier to take him along, than to have him lonely in the barn. It will be a hoot for sure but time will tell. If I would have known how sweet these critters can be… I would have had one a long time ago!

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I have to come see the donkey!! I’ve been researching them & found a rescue in Maryland. Little Long Ears Donkey & Mule Rescue. They are the most abused & mistreated animal on the planet. Be careful of founder. They are desert animals & not meant to eat lush grass. They love to eat christmas trees & brush! The rescue requires a dry lot to keep the donkeys in & will not adopt out if you do not have one. I was misinformed about this also, contrary to what we’ve all been led to believe, they are not livestock protectors. The rescue will not allow you to adopt if you plan to use them as such. The majority of their rescues come from neglect/abuse cases & the Amish auctions. They rescued a group whose hooves hadn’t been trimmed their entire lives & one was in her 30’s!!! All curled up, the farrier did an amazing job. They had never trotted before it was a sad case but they are better now. Many suffer from founder & are severly hoof sore. The cold causes foundered animals great pain. Another problem is people don’t castrate the males so they over breed. If you have time, look them up online. Very interesting. They need people who can adopt 3 at a time. 3 can live in one horse stall. The babies who have been born there are so adorable & funny! I’d like to adopt 3.

Comment by Jacklyn

I researched them for a long time before getting one. Many of the things you say are very true. Our’s is a gelded, standard donkey. He is 8 years old. I can pick up all of his feet. I keep a close eye on his feet. They are prone to founder, so his time is spent mostly with the horses eating first cutting timothy hay and a mere handful of speltz. They protect other animals because they don’t want canines or other varmints in their own pasture. Animals who share that pasture get the benefit of protection. They bond with other animals due to their herding instinct. Donkeys and mules have an amazing memory. They are very smart. I saw a poster that said Horses will accept you as the Boss…Donkeys want to see your resume’

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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