Signs of Spring
March 12, 2018, 9:54 am
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March 12, 2018

So far this year we have seen the sap run, robins, buzzards and red winged blackbirds. I have seen purple martin scout birds checking out the martin house, but for me a true sign of spring is the horses shedding their winter coats. Saturday, this yearly event started in full swing!

I spent quite a bit of time brushing their coats and thinning manes and tails. They almost shake their feet like a dog. The brush must feel real good as it helps to rid the itchy hairs. One of my horses is usually late to shed his coat, but this year he too, is losing the old hair in gobs.

We are hoping for at least one more good maple sap run. The weatherman says we may get it this coming weekend. The weathermen are often wrong, but the horses and other wildlife are predictable. I believe that spring is just about to bust wide open. The sap will have us running, while birds flock to the grasses peeking through the snow. Ill try to keep up spitting horse hair as I go!

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Does the donkey shed alot also?

Comment by Jacklyn

Ralph – you’re so ingenious, I’m sure you’ll find something to “make” out of all that hair.

Comment by Aunt June

Jacklyn, yes the donkey sheds. His hair is different than the horse’s. Its more coarse. He sure loves being brushed.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Perhaps you are right Aunt June, I could maybe weave a blanket for some of my favorite Aunts! LOL

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Hello there! I just saw something about fur in the spring that helps our feathered friends. If you have a suet bird feeder or any kind that has large holes or that is made of bars, you can stuff it full of fur and birds will use it to feather their nests. My dog is about to blow her coat however living at a marina, we don’t have any place to hang a feeder.

Comment by The Sailboat Tara: A sailboat, a couple, and their little dog too.

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