Sunrise Weeding


June 26 2018

This morning, I was weeding the garden as the sun rose. The garden is behind a bit due to delayed planting from our rainy weather. It is easy to see that we should get a crop. It may come a little late, but it will taste good just the same.

Weeding is a great quiet time for me. The small weeds succumb to the sharp bladed hoe easily. I am alone with my thoughts. The animals have been fed. The horses are back in the barn after a night of grazing. The biting flies don’t like the dark cool barn, but the horses sure do.

The sheep and cattle are still laying peacefully in the grass. Their bellies are full and the cool morning refreshes them all. I hilled the potato rows. I was going slowly, tucking dirt around the small tender plants. The dirt wasn’t quite ready for this job, but rain is forecast for tomorrow, so I pushed to complete the job. Soon, in the soft hilled up dirt, potatoes will form and grow in the dark, warm ground. A tasty treat, boiled, fried or baked, makes my efforts worthwhile.

Today, I have to use the skidsteer to move the big, plastic-wrapped, round bales of haylage. It is a noisy job that must be done. The horses will rest in the barn as I stack the bales for winter feeding. I need to get them off the field before they kill the grass underneath. I pondered that up coming job as my hoe slid into the Earth, barely making a sound. This sunrise weeding is good for my well being. I sort my day, kill weeds and grow some of my food…all under a beautiful sky, in the cool of morning, surrounded by birdsong.

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Weeding by hoe, a job every child should learn & do.
Too bad most are too lazy……
I did the same this wknd. Gave my plants a little extra nitrogen & diatomaceous earth too since their growth is behind. Hopefully they will like the upcoming heat. I know I sure will!!
Take care.

Comment by Jacklyn

I agree children should learn to hoe and experience gardening in its simplest form. They get such a delight out of growing food. I like to dig potatoes with youngsters. It;s like every hill is a bounty of gold!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

You’re a very good writer, Ralph! And wasn’t it just last month that our kids were as little as your grandson? Lol. It sure seems that way! You should see my Rusty now! He looks like Bill with my red hair!! And he’s s great big bruiser. He’s married and has 3 little girls! I’m glad you’re passing your legacy on to your Grandkids. That’s the most valuable thing that they will ever possess!

Comment by Lisa Mc Bride Kovacic

Yes Lisa, time marches onward…too damn fast! Thank you for your kind words. I hope you will visit my blog often. Glad to hear about Rusty. He was a good kid!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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