A “Husband” for Abby


May 2, 2019

Meet H&M Firestorm, a registered Percheron stallion. He and our Abby will soon share a baby together, if all goes well. I have searched for quite a while looking for what I wanted in a mate for her. Size, disposition, confirmation, attitude and breeding, all played a part in picking this guy out.


He is a handsome fellow.


He has great “assets”! He is a quiet guy with very good breeding behind him. He is sensible and broke to work on farm machinery. He is on the smaller size as draft horses go, but that is what I want. As I get older, I’d like to one day have a small farm team, easy to harness, but still able to do all the farm’s work.

Abby is also well bred. She too is a sensible horse to work and in the barn. I believe the foals from this mating should make for some great work horses. Only time will tell of course, but that is my hope. We should know a lot more by this time next year. It is my hope to raise several foals out of these two horses. Nothing in farming is “for sure”, but the promise in new life can be found easily on a farm.

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Oh my gosh! A foal!! It will be so adorable! Nothing like a baby on the farm.
My riding instructor was just saying last night she is looking for a half Percheron half Thoroughbred for her lesson program. She has one she rescued & raised from a foal ( the dirty mare urine industry by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals) whom I was riding last night. She is sweet, calm & trustworthy. Can you breed by artificial insemination? So much easier on the mare. If you need a vet, my friend specialized in it.
Good luck!

Comment by Jacklyn

Jacklyn, the stud is “live cover” only. They are great handlers who will hand breed. The mare is kept safe for the “teasing” part of the introduction. Once the mare is in a standing heat, she will be bred with an attendant helping for the “guiding” phase. I will have the mare ultrasounded at 16 days, then again at 30 days

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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