Ewww…Bird Poo
June 29, 2019, 4:44 pm
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June 29, 2019

I allow, actually encourage, nesting birds, especially barn swallows. They are great bug and fly eaters. I love to watch their acrobatic flights as they dive for water, skimming a drink at high speed. I leave doors open when necessary, supply a few strategic platforms and make it difficult for cats to reach the nests. The above photo shows how I am repaid!

It was no big deal. It cleaned right off. I just grabbed a big handful of grass and rubbed until the poop was mostly gone. The residual avian manure was easy to remove with my bib overalls as I drove the tractor…In other words, I got what I could, then sat on the seat and went about my business. At the end of the day, the seat was clean!

I will gladly put up with a little poo, in exchange for these winged mosquito eaters, keeping the farm population of the blood sucking insects under control. I like to watch them teach their babies to fly. It seems it happens almost over night!

Wildlife on a farm can be a problem, but I will take the bad with the good. There are a lot more good things. Watching the birds and small animals makes me smile. Listening to the birdsong while I work the horses, completes a perfect picture. So, I say its a fair trade to have the birds, even if they leave me a few “presents” once in awhile. I haven’t asked my dear wife, who does the laundry, but I think she too would approve!

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