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January 11, 2020, 3:34 pm
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January 11, 2020

Our youngest son just took the plunge and bought a young pair of draft horses. He settled on the breed known as Suffolk Punch. These are an old breed dating back to the 1500’s in England. The breed became more defined in the 1800’s and came to Canada and America around the 1880’s.

They were bred exclusively for farm work. They are a chunky powerful horse with stamina and gentleness. They are of moderate size (16-17 hands) for a draft breed. They are easy keepers and willing workers. I have known about the breed for years, but never really gave them much thought. They are a rare breed. Thirty years ago, when I bought my first draft horse, none of these were available in my price range. I settled on Percherons and have had them since.

Recently, I was reintroduced to this breed on the internet and in person. My son has been researching the breed and a few other breeds that are smaller in stature. Not many of the other breeds can match the easy going, yet willingness found in the Suffolk breed.

My son bought a pair of full sisters, a weanling and a yearling. I went with him to haul his team home. While we were there, I met a weanling stud colt who followed me home! The stud colt is unrelated to my sons fillies. He may just become a great gelding, but the potential exists.

Our saga may change as I look  more serious at this endearing breed. I am very impressed so far.


Ridgewind Aethling Hank of Indian Mound … Long handle for a youngster, but “Hank” is a bit of a celebrity. His daddy is from Virginia, owned by Jason Rutledge, named Eyke Sovereign. A horse imported from England in 2010, I believe.


Hank is a handsome fellow. We shall see if he grows into his name. Born last April, he is a growthy colt. He is a quick learner with a trusting manner. We are becoming fast friends. Who knows what the future holds? Stay tuned.

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Can’t wait to see him(them) up close. That being said; meeting their boss is long overdue. Should get it done while I’m still semi-ambulatory.lol

Comment by Rick Ward

Sounds like a plan Rick. Get in touch with me, we can set something up.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

I, too, am anxious to see those horses in person. I have been wanting to see a Suffolk Punch up close ever since seeing one of the Rural Heritage shows featuring Jason Rutledge and his horses. No need to go to Virginia now.

Comment by Bill Hudson

I would enjoy the visit Bill. Spring is coming, pick a nice day and stop out.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

I am curious about your mares and their heritage. Did I see somewhere they were from Wisconsin?
We are located in Logan County, Ohio. Over the past years we have had 6 Suffolk’s. We are down to just our Maggie (20 years old). She was bred twice unsuccessfully.
We are excited to see that more Suffolk’s are coming to Ohio. Just watched the segment on RFDTV . Well done.

Comment by Connie and Ron Smith

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