Six More Weeks
February 3, 2022, 3:27 pm
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February 3, 2022

The groundhog says six more weeks of winter. I don’t really mind. The sunny day we had a couple days ago, makes winter very nice. Grace, (looking at the camera) and her buddy Bree, enjoyed a fun day of romping in the sunshine.

We always say a farmer should have half his wood and half his hay on groundhog day. I am pleased to report that we do! Winter finally came to us in January. It came in full force. We got a big snowstorm dropping over two feet of snow on us after a very cold couple of weeks prior to that. The cold froze the ground for the first time in a few years. Oh how we love “God’s concrete”.

Bree, (now looking at the camera), will soon start her harness training. She will turn two in April. These little girls both have April birthdays, turning one and two respectively. Grace is still being taught the little things like, leading, trailer loading, feet handling and strange noises. She does very well. Bree has a little bit of her momma’s attitude, but yields easily with consistent, patient training methods.

We look towards the calendar and the weather as our maple season looms. Each day we get a little closer to being ready. Today, we are patiently waiting out a winter storm. We are plowing snow and tending the stock. I am also working on a few writing projects. It is all good here, after all we have six more weeks of winter!

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