Summer Heat Build Up

August 7, 2022

I was finally able to gather friends and have a short frolic here to build an end wall in the hoop building. This wall will keep out the driving north winter winds. It seemed almost ironic to be building a wall to keep out the cold, on a very hot, muggy day. I am grateful for the friends who helped and for the farm forest as well. The lumber was all milled here from trees off the farm.

We got an early start and were done by lunchtime. We laughed, we worked and we broke bread. We stayed on task and beat much of the heat. The afternoon was spent fishing in our farm ponds. It made for a great day.

We framed in a door, just in case the future of the building would need one. The batten strips will go on in the coming days. I am pleased that the bulk of the work has been completed. I had expected to have had this done months ago, but things don’t always go as planned. No matter, we will be all closed in before winter hits. The south east end will be left open for easy entry and use. That protected end makes for a nice place on a cold sunny day for animals or equipment.

August and the dog days of summer, make for a warm challenge to any job. It is almost hard to believe that summer is closing so fast. Our county fair starts this week. The start to the school year is only two weeks away. Time marches on, as they say. I say it sure does! A few more must do projects await me, but being busy keeps me from being lazy…I need that sometimes.

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