Hello September!

September 11, 2022

As we process and remember the tragic day of September 11, 2001, I am proud to be living in a free, safe country. Yes, we have our problems, but I don’t want to live anywhere else in the world.

We had the neat job of hauling a group of cheerleaders for the homecoming parade and game at our local high school last Friday evening.

We loaded up and drove around the big block through town in a long parade. It was filled with floats, balloons, wavy signs, loud engines and and all sorts of distractions. The horses took it all in stride as we walked down the people lined streets of town. It made our hearts happy to see such a warm display of love for our area children and alumni.

Yesterday, we supported our local historical society at their festival for Log Cabin days. It is an event that showcases one of our county’s earliest structures. Built in 1810, the Blakeslee Log Cabin is a treasure. The cabin is open for tours during the show. Vendors and reenactors are present for explanations, demonstrations and just plain old fashioned fun.

Our team of Suffolk Punch mares made several trips around the homestead (over 30). The crowd loved seeing our gals. This little girl petting and talking to our team was one of many offering their appreciation.

We were able to present our horses doing what they do best, working calmly and quietly. Their bidable nature and easy going personalities are just two of the reasons we are working so hard to help preserve this critically endangered breed.

We offer our many thanks to folks who supported our efforts by donating to our non-profit, Saving Suffolks. All proceeds go to help preserve, present and promote this wonderful breed of draft horse. You can check us out at http://www.savingsuffolks.com

We got rained out on Sunday, but the show went on for the event. We didn’t want to have an adverse effect on the landscape or compromise the safety of our horses. Look for us again next year at Blakeslee Log Cabin days and other places around the county.

Lastly, it was a joy to haul some very special older and younger visitors. One of whom is a faithful follower of this BLOG. She is a friendly quilter, who reminded me that sometimes I lapse too much on my writings. So, to her and many others, I say thank you for your support and for your patience! I promise to do better.

By the way, Lakeview Abby and Lakeview Amee were the stars of both events. They are two of my four-legged loves!

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