Chilling On a Rainy Sunday
November 27, 2022, 6:00 pm
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November 27, 2022

Today was a good day for just resting. The rain started coming down at daybreak and continued on and off all day. The weatherman says it will continue through the night. We were soggy from the snowmelt, but the ground is saturated now for sure!

The horses all had some indoor time today. I spent time after church doing the same thing as the horses…just resting.

Yesterday, we had a family visit us. These photos are from that visit, (Thanks Jennifer) Maggee made up with this little boy. They shared a moment together. Our littlest filly is growing fast. She stays with Grace and Bree. They are the three amigos. Maggee is learning a whole bunch of things. She has learned her stall. She comes when I whistle, with the rest of the girls. She is a bit bossy, but the pecking order seems to keep everyone happy.

Tomorrow is the first day of Ohio’s deer gun season. The ditches and creeks will be running over. The tracking snow has long melted. It will prove to be a wet day in the woods. I am undecided if I will hunt tomorrow or not. I much prefer to chill indoors on a rainy day!

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