Tugging at Our Heartstrings
April 25, 2023, 9:22 am
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April 25, 2023

We were filled with emotion as “Tug”, our second foal of the year was born. He was a little slow getting going, but once he figured things out, he was off and running. He, along with his mother, half sister Joy and her mother Abby, were all out on our big pasture. The foals could run and rest in the warm sunshine. Tug jogged around and nursed often.

Yesterday morning, I found Tug laying on a grassy knoll, stretched out as if sleeping peacefully, but Tug was dead. He had passed in the night. We don’t know why these things happen sometimes. There were no signs of distress, stiffness or soreness of any kind. The night before he passed, I checked on them all at dark. He was walking near mom just doing what baby horses do.

I buried Tug right there on his grassy knoll. Mom Amee, whinnied for him awhile yesterday, but had become quiet by evening. Today she is grazing and keeping Abby and Joy company. Thankfully Amee is ok and doing fine. We will breed her back next month and try again for 2024.

Amee is a great mother. Tug was her third foal. This breed is critically endangered. Many mares get bred, but only about 80-90 foals get registered each year. I will remain undaunted as we do our best to help preserve this breed. So with heavy heart I say goodbye to Tug, but with the optimism of any farmer…I say, there is always next year.

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So very sorry for the loss of your colt!!!
Mom smelled he was dead so she has closure I’m hoping. Hard loss. Dummy foal syndrome? Will you milk her out & give the milk to orphan foals?

Comment by Jacklyn

It was a tough one. He was slow to start and mom was even a bit aloof early on. They bonded well and he was nursing good. I simply don’t know what got him but I fear an internal problem with his gut. Mom is doing very well. I did milk some out. She is drying off nicely.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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