Here we go again
May 9, 2011, 11:51 pm
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bottle baby Panacea 2011


                                                          May 9, 2011

     Well its official, I am nuts! Once again we have a bottle baby in our kitchen and hopefully on her way to becoming a grown up ewe one day.

     Her mother is an old ewe named Persephone. She is acient now and her udder is shot. She was the first ewe we ever owned and has become the queen of our flock. She brings the entire flock anywhere I want them to go. She has earned the right to die here and spend eternity in her favorite pasture. Our ram jumped the fence  two days before my scheduled breeding season. Persephone has been a prolific mother and once again had a lamb even though she has no way to feed it. This is where we come in. Hopefully Panacea will become queen one day, but for now she is our little princess.

     My son’s girlfriend is smitten with the new baby. We will see how much she likes it tonight about 2 am  when the blat shatters the peaceful night 😮 Oh well that’s how we learn.

     My wife donated a quilt she doesn’t like for Panacea’s bed. My wife makes quilts and every now and then one just doesn’t please her so they become lamb beds or rags??? Lots of work for a rag! She is very fussy and will only sell quilts that meet her standard. They are beautiful and so is she.

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I am pretty upset that this lamb was NOT in the kitchen yesterday while I was there!

Comment by Brittany

Um….Connie, before the next round of sacrifice, if you have any “rags” I would be happy to “hide” one of them from the public for you.
I saw Jake’s post of bottle feeding…decent practice for the future…(mind trick) LOL

Comment by Charlie

I’m a little late on this comment…but I agree with Charlie. I’ll take your castoffs any day, Connie. Lucky lamb!

Comment by Aunt June

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