Silver Linings
May 11, 2011, 1:29 am
Filed under: May 2011

Wait up Mom!

                                                             May 10, 2011

     My whole life has been filled with silver linings. I guess I just try to find good in most everything I do, as well as the people I meet. I will say people are the greatest challenge sometimes. I guees as I age, people bother me less, as I realize that they too are struggling with life’s problems … so I am a bit more forgiving.

     The little lamb Panacea was dead tonight when I went to feed her. She was pretty weak at noontime, but I thought that she would pull through. I was wrong. I carried her body out to bury her and in doing so, I saw her mother laying on the ground. Once the dead lamb was buried, I went to check on Persephone, Panacea’s mom. I found her chewing her cud laying in the grass with two siblings of Panacea. She had hidden them in the taller grass. I scooped the two little boys up and promptly gave them a bottle. They ate greedily, their little tails wagging like mad. So, Persephone had triplets! No milk, but three babies just the same. I hope to keep these little guys alive, but in the words of my friend Gene Logsdon, “sheep like to die.” We shall see what happens with this little silver lining of a windfall…times two I guess.

     Today farmers are flocking to their fields. It was the first day we could get on them since last fall. The big guys are going crazy, even now running after dark. It is raining right now, but its supposed to be a passing shower. Lots of thunder and lightening is filling the sky. I do hope it’s just a quick shower for everyone involved.

    All the rain hasn’t semed to hurt my speltz. They are growing well and seem to be off to a great start. I guess this too is a great thing. I didn’t waste time last fall and got them in the ground just as the storm clouds blew in. I was a bit miffed as I got caought in the rain, tools all over the barnyard, but looking at them today … It was worth it! Just one more silver lining in a dark cloud some would say, but I will call it a blessing.

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