Won’t Be Long
May 13, 2011, 12:24 am
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Lucy and I take a break

May 12, 2011
     This is a photo from last year. Lucy is our Border Collie who hates to ride, but loves to visit me when the horses rest. She is my companion and farmhand. She knows what is expected of the animals and she makes sure they do it. (I am glad to have lost some weight since then too.)
     The rain came this afternoon. Once again a pretty good soaker. More rain in the forecast for the next several days. I am sure field work will be stopped or at least slowed. They hay is growing well and it won’t be long until we are in the hayfields… baking in the sun. You will notice my goofy hat. Its a sun shade for my light skin. I am supposed to wear sun screen, but I often don’t. I get scolded because they took some spots off my ears and said I should wear it. I feel like a putz with a greasy face, but I usually give in to Connie’s urging.
     It won’t be long until we are working horses everyday. Making hay and looking for shade. I will be the one in the goofy hat with dust and dirt all stuck to my face. Connie will be the one with the smile. I’m not sure if its because I am protected from the sun or because I look like  a putz.
    The ram lamb twins are doing well eating like old pros now. Pics will be coming soon.

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Just thinking maybe Mom is smiling cuz shes not wearing one of her “famous” sun caps!!!! hahahaha Been working on our “garden” and getting excited about more progress Thanks for all your help and support!! xoxoxox

Comment by Donna aka Gert

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