I Love Bacon!
May 14, 2011, 11:51 pm
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Come here little fellas

    May 14, 2011

     Sometimes work and life makes us way too busy. I have been in the busy cycle the last couple of days. My off farm job keeps me hopping, then add lambing and farrowing, sleeping and eating  and you can imagine how the days fly.
     The little ones in the picture will one day grace the table of our customers. I will keep them safe warm and well fed. Their days will be good ones, no stress. They stay very healthy in clean places making their  beds of fresh speltz  straw or in our pastures. Their bellies are full and they get to play often. This makes happy piggies and very tasty bacon.
     When the time comes for them to give their lives so that we can eat, that job too is done as stress free as possible. I move them around often, so even getting into the trailer is an almost game for them. They don’t squeal or fuss. They just wait for me to give them a treat and a trailer ride.
     We butcher our own family’s meat here on the farm. We make a good time of it by getting together and working as a family. The job goes quickly. The kids and grandkids are in touch with where their food comes from and I get to pass a skill on to the next generations.
     This coming summer a small smokehouse will be built here on the farm. We have out grown the little one we use now. I will make all sorts of smoked meat products, like hot dogs , bologna, salami , ham and  especially……… bacon 😮

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Bacon, ham, sausage…it’s no wonder we’re a “fluffy” family 🙂

Comment by Charlie

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