The cabin in the woods
May 22, 2011, 4:46 am
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Josh & Jake’s Cabin EST. 1996

 May 22, 2011

     This little cabin in our woods was built a number of year ago by my sons and their cousin. I helped a little, but the boys did the lion’s share of the work. They did a very good job.
     Last week my son Josh and his family came and cleaned up around the cabin. They wiped down the cobwebs and straightened things up. The plan is to camp out there, have a nice fire and enjoy each other, as they experience nature.
     The fact that my grandchildren will be playing in a cabin their daddy helped build pleases me greatly. I have volunteered to help build some furniture and make a few structurial repairs. The real job, that of filling the space with laughter and a few more memories, is up to them.
     My boys and I all like hunting and fishing and the out of doors. I taught each of them as much as I could, but more importantly introduced them to a wonderful place. The woods and its inhabitants is that place.
     I like the woods for all the bounty it provides, but I like it more for the peace found there. There is something magical about the forest. You enter filled with worry, anger or sadness and come away refreshed, at peace and your mind is rested. It seems that sitting in the quiet, just thinking of nothing and everything at the same time, makes the stress of life melt away.
     My memories of the woods are long and pleasant. I can see, in my minds eye my grandparents gathering sap. I remember the taking of my first deer. I have seen ruffled grouse drum their love song on an autumn day. I can hear the animal footsteps, the distant hammering of three little boys building a woodland palace and the gentle coo of a dove, calling to its mate.
     Soon, our little cabin will echo with the sound of children playing once again. The woods too, will absorb that sound and the trees will embrace the love of family that spills forth. I know that is how it happens, for when I take my woodland walks, and sit for a spell under a big tree, all that is good fills my soul. I feel the love of generations, the kindness of a million mothers and the joy of children playing. All is right with the world as those feelings fill my body and comfort my soul.
     I think back when the cabin was built. The boys only saw wood, work and some tin. I saw three young men complete a project of their design. I saw confidence being built from the inside out. I heard the negioations as they solved problems and felt the frustrations when they couldn’t. I experienced the joy that comes from knowing the answer and being held in high regard because I did. I was a hero at times.
     My sons, four in all, have  touched people with good deeds. They have mentored others and taught their own children. They have passed on things I have taught them and created new experiences for their friends and family on things they have learned themselves. They have all been heros but more important to me is that each of them is my hero.
     Life is tough. All of them have made good decisions sometimes after one that is not so good, but they have all found their way. I can’t help but wonder if it was the woods that helped them find the good in themselves. I will take just a little credit. I will be like the bent down grass from footsteps, the rustled leaves from tracking deer and the breeze that moves the small hairs on the back of their necks. I may not always be the hero, but I will always be the one who left footprints on their hearts….. and I am fine with that 😮

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My favorite “woods” memories were picking blackberries (and then eating them before they got to the house), gathering hickory nuts in the fall, and picking the spring flowers and mayapples, not to mention drinking maple sap right out of the tree.

Comment by Aunt June

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