Farming before I was born
May 23, 2011, 11:15 am
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Easy little fella…

       May 23, 2011

     I was litteraly farming before I was born. My mother was just about done with the evening milking when I decided it was time to come and help. The neighbor boys finished up chores, while mom and I had our first meeting. She thought I was quite a guy back then  and I am sure she still does now.
     My mom and dad decided they couldn’t live together as man and wife, so when I was a little boy they divorced. I don’t remember much about it, but am very sure this is why my grandparents looked out for me so much. They had a lot of influence in my life and make up many of my good memories.
     I enjoy farming. To say that is an understatement. I think that I must farm or I will wither and die. I have done chores since I could walk and hope to do them until I can’t. I like farm animals and can’t imagine a life without a dog.
     I think the animals know that I am a husbandryman. They can sense when I am around and even know my moods. Often this is good, but sometimes they will push my buttons on my worst days. I guess I know them too pretty well. The mother pigs pay me almost no mind as I talk to them and handle their babies. The mares too will allow me to pet and imprint their foals without worry.
     I will not say that I speak their language, but there is for sure, a deep connection. I like to sit in the barn after chores, smelling the sweet hay and fresh straw and listen to the animals chew. It is comforting to me.
     The woods gives me peace and feeds my soul. The barn and animals give me contentment and teach me patience. Long ago they taught me responsibility and caring. Now, I guess, they continue to teach me nurturing and commitment. I will take care of them as long as I am able. I will ensure that someone will care for them long after I am gone as well. Between now and then, I will care and and tend to them, getting as much enjoyment from them as I can. I will also continue to learn from them and pass the knowledge I get, on to my children and grandchildren and others who want to learn.
     I was farming before I was born … funny…. but it’s true.

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I am very thankful you got that prize from Mom. I do say prize with a bit of sarcasm because I am glad I didn’t win it (although she did try). Our mom and our grandparents respectively did influence us and as you mentioned previously about leaving your footprint, I am glad they did first…and it is always a pleasure for me to hear your perspective. I prefer my farming experience to be lived vicariously through you. 😉 (I have no guilt saying that I am ok with you cleaning the stalls.) 🙂 I much preferred the indoor chores to the outdoor ones, where you smell the sweetest of hay, I smell manure; it is inevitable that once you have fed, watered and put down new bedding and straw, no matter what animal, it will then take a healthy dump and so that never ending cycle continues. (Not my idea of fun) Thankfully with that “prize” you won, you also got the bonus, you fell in love with it.

Comment by Charlie

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