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June 10, 2011, 7:54 pm
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A little late, but planted just the same

June 11, 2011

     This year has been a real struggle, for farmers and gardeners alike, in northeast Ohio. We have had record rainfall, cool temps followed by sweltering days. It is hard to even know how to dress except for needing a raincoat most days. Yesterday, however, success. I got the garden planted!
     Most years the job of planting garden is finished by Memorial Day. We here in zone 5, have to wait out the frost. Usually peas and early vegetables are up and growing well by now. I am not worried. The ground is still a bit cool and all in all its still early.
     Farming and gardening will teach a man patience. It will make you humble and show you new things every year. This late year may sprout some great food followed by a wonderful harvest. All the fretting and worrying of spring will be forgotten OR it could be a total flop. I doubt it though, even a poor garden will feed you.
     I once knew a guy who started raising chickens. He had miserable luck until he found out he was planting them too deep. Seriously, gardening can be forgiving. Plants will survive many things. Teach a child to garden and you will be amazed what they can rise above … the plants that is 😮
     I enjoy gardening almost as much as farming. I try something new almost every year. It broadens my knowledge base,  coming in handy in light conversation. I can talk compost for hours … in fact many people will say that I am full of it 😮
     Happy Gardening Everyone!

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Planting a chicken too deep?

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