June 11, 2011, 8:57 pm
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On 3 let’s go!

June 12, 2011

     My son is in the photo with his mini horse and my horse Knight. The little horse is named Patches. I call him all sorts of names … even Patches sometimes. He does not like me.
     My son Jake, the owner of the little hay burner, is a regular horse whisperer. He can train a horse to do anything. He and Patches are doing well together. I expect the little fella to just do horse things like mine do. He should be eager to please me just like Knight, Duke and Hoss. Instead, he is my menace. He simply loves to aggravate me. He is very smart, too smart in fact.
     He and I will one day be friends, but for now we are brain combatants. Each one of us tries to out think the other. He is way ahead so far. I keep blaming it on my advanced age, but am starting to think he may really be smarter than me. He is definitely smarter than a fifth grader 😮
     I have been outsmarted before, usually when I trust someone who isn’t trustworthy. I don’t have much use for liars, cheats and thieves. I keep my word and expect that in every one I meet. Most folks are true, but every now and then I meet a man who has no scruples.
     I inherited a good name. I have done everything in my power to pass that on to my children and grandchildren. I will not compromise my word. I want to always be fair and honest, even if its unpopular. My sons are making me proud as they carry on in my tradition … it’s a pride that can be felt deep within my soul.
     Patches tries to be the ring leader. He wants to get my horses to do things like run when I come into the pasture. They do not. They come to meet me. They want to be petted, talked to and breathed on, by me. I hope it’s because I am square with them on every occasion. They can trust me. They listen to me and I think they care for me. It’s a fair deal, because I like them a whole bunch too.
     In your life you will meet the Patches type, on two legs and four alike. Keep your word. Earn their trust and don’t be anything but yourself. They will come to your side once they figure it all out. If they don’t … then just say good riddance!

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