June 13, 2011, 4:02 pm
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Thank You Daddy

June 13, 2011

     My oldest son and my granddaughter were enjoying our farm. She got tired of walking and asked her father to carry her. Up on his shoulders she went, “Thank you daddy’, she said. I watched , listened and enjoyed the scene. My heart was full, yes it was … enough.
     Enough is a word that can be used in many ways. I remember my mom saying “E..nough !  When she had found her last bit of patience with something I was doing. That word came with a look that would peel paint off of a wall. It was usually sufficient to make me stop what I was doing, no matter how much I was enjoying doing it.
     You can eat until you have had enough. You can stand by and watch something until you have had enough. These two illustrations are no where near each other and yet both times you may be sickened.
     In the last few hours of my mother’s life she told us she felt fine. We asked her if she needed anything and she told us she had enough, right there in that room. I looked around and there was her husband, me and my dear wife and my two sisters. My mother’s whole world. I guess she did have everything she wanted.
     Her friends and the rest of the family had all been close by either in person or on the phone. Looking back now, I see we were all saying good-bye.  As hard as it was at the time, I am thankful for those weeks and days. We could talk or just sit quiet, but we all spent time until she got enough.
     I want to live in such a way that I am always full of what really matters. I don’t spend time on disgust, meanness or evil. I want to make people feel good, share information and be a resource. I want to laugh, smile and just be filled with joy.
     The hard times will come, lay you low for awhile, but the way to overcome any setback is to be positive. Find a way to see the good, make yourself  believe that all is well.
     Hard times help us grow, make us appreciate good times and build character. Greive when you need to, get mad for a little while, but then pull your shoulders back, and  get over it. Lean on friends and family. Share yourself and help others see the good in the world.
     As we walked in the pasture the day that Rachel need a lift, I was talking to my son about the farm. I usually do that whenever anyone will listen 😮 I guess I can’t get enough of this place and those who surround me in it. It is a wonderful place to be …. Enough said!

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i miss those walks and talks
love you
ps miss and love you mom

Comment by matt

This one hit home…. As my oldest graduates high school & looks towards moving on to college, my favorite saying to her has been……
“I wish you enough………” she’s pretty fond of it and has passed those words on to her graduating friends as well.

Comment by just the insightful neighbor

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