Winter Blooms in Summer
June 23, 2011, 3:34 pm
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Winter Blooms Are Snow and Ice

June 23, 2011

     Connie made this quilt. She titled it “Winter Blooms Are Snow and Ice”. It was a prize winner. She made it last summer during the hot days, but thought about the warmth it would provide on a cold winter night.
    I guess quilting is much like gardening or farming. You have to look into the future to see a full freezer or pantry while pulling weeds. Those vegetables taste so good long after summer is gone and the hard work is long forgotten. It is hard sometimes to keep it all in perspective, but well worth the effort.
     I am reminded about the story of the grasshopper and the ant. The ant labored all summer in the heat and humidity, while the grasshopper goofed off idling away the hours. The winter came, the ant was well prepared to survive, but the grasshopper died a slow painful death from starvation. My grandparents used this parable often to reenforce working when I really didn’t want to do it.
     I imagine that I too used the illustration on my own children, although I  don’t remember using it. I try to set a good example and I see my kids following in my footsteps … so something worked 😮
     As I write these few lines, my wife is once again, turning pieces of cloth into a work of art. She is meticulous when it comes to colors, seams and thread. I barely notice the “glaring errors” she points out. I can see a crooked furrow, a cull tree or a sick animal as plain as day, but when looking at the quilts, I can only see beauty.
     My mom and grandmas made quilts when I was a boy. They made them from scraps of cloth and old, worn out clothing. Then they tied them together with yarn. These patchwork quilts kept us all warm. They even warmed your heart as you saw a piece of your grandma’s old dress or apron and felt the love in every stitch. Under a thick pile we would sleep in our cool upstairs, snug as bugs in a rug, as they say.
     I still sleep under a quilt or two. I enjoy the sleep that hard work gives a man. I still get the warmth in my heart from the love in every stitch… some things just don’t change. Thank God!
     Our garden is off to a slow start. Farming too, is still a bit delayed by our crazy weather. It will be okay, I just have to keep the story of the ant close at hand and work when I can. It would be easy to go the way of the grasshopper this year and say the heck with it, but then in the winter while eating food shipped from who knows where, grown in who knows what, I would be just as regretful as old Mr. Grasshopper …… and that is not going to happen 😮

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