June 25, 2011, 4:27 pm
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April showers still in June

June 25, 2011

     Our daisies are just about to bust open with blooms. It is like April here with rain still an almost daily event. The last few days we have gotten about 2 inches again. All field and garden work has stopped. The hay waits for cutting and drying in the elusive sun.
     We started out with a small clump of daisies given to us by my grandma’s sister. My aunt has had these flowers since she and her husband were first married over sixty years ago…. not the same ones of course, but kin to them for sure.
     I have moved these plants from here to there and all around our farm. They need split again. I will be giving some to my children for them to enjoy and propagate. My aunt would be happy about that.
     Moving these flowers is a very a simple thing. The clumps are split and then moved to a new spot. The original spot still grows some, but the split  clump starts to colonize a new area very quickly. It makes itself at home and very soon beautifies the area where it grows.
     We have transplanted kids and grandkids, splitting off from our family and establishing themselves in new areas. Each one, in his or her own way, beautifies their neighborhood. Some do it with buildings and style, some with landscape and flowers, but all of them, with themselves.
     Every child has a set of skills unique to them alone. It may be the ability to sing, draw or build, or perhaps just be a good neighbor. All of them have at least one gift to share. Hopefully, they learned it here in the country, from my wife and me. That gift is the gift of kindness. Hopefully they also show compassion, forgiveness and tolerance when warranted. I am sure they show tenacity, guts and confidence as well. I know they learned that from us 😮
     It is not where you grow or where you are transplanted that makes a difference. It is how you approach life from where you are. Dig deep, be the person you are and stand for what is good. Then, just like the daisies, you will beautify all that surrounds you. Folks will know you come from a good start and you will build confidence in yourself. There  is a sense of pride, knowing where you came from, even if you have been transplanted. Just like the flowers who can trace their roots back many years, to many places and by way of many folks , the twists and turns in life are all what we make them. You have a choice … make the choice to be happy.

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Hey there will you save me a clump or two of those daisys i need flowers to balance out my other fence! Plus Im hoping to see lots of butterflys…….we are starting to see blooms on our veggies i can almost taste the fruits of our labors hahahah love you both

Comment by Donna aka Gert

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