Taking a Chance
June 27, 2011, 6:51 am
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June 27, 2011

     Yesterday, I took a chance and cut the first of this year’s hay. They say there is a chance of rain overnight tonight, but I am taking that chance. The wind is out of the north, so hopefully it will push the rain just a little south of us. If the hay gets rinsed off, it’s no big deal, it will eventually dry and the cows and sheep will eat it.
     This field is new seeding planted last spring. There is an abundance of clover in it. The clover is thick and rank. Most of it is over thirty inches tall. It plugged the haybine often, making for a very slow job. I will cut more Tuesday in a field that hopefully will make nice “horse” hay. The horses get timothy and it must be cured correctly to avoid any dust forming in the drying hay.
     In my youth I took chances, like passing cars when I really couldn’t see all the way around. I sped off to work and then home again, sometimes making a three-hour trip in only two and a half . I stayed up too late , hoping that the next days workload would be light and drank beer before I was old enough.
     The chances I just mentioned were tempered by things like taking a chance on a new friend or meeting a girl and seeing what my chances were 😮 Now that I am older, I don’t speed much. I have a picture of my grandchildren taped to my dashboard, to help me remember the risks of bad driving.
   I guess most of my chance taking revolves around this farm. Today I will plant field corn for the animals. Today is twelve days past the last day for planting corn according to the experts, but I going to take a chance. The seed is paid for, the field is finally ready and something here will eat it, no matter how it grows.
     I like giving people a chance too. I have met some that didn’t work out worth a darn, but there have been others that are better off for my believing in them. I start everyone off on a level playing field, the rest is up to them. If they work hard, tell the truth and be genuine, then I continue to take a chance on them. The ones that don’t measure up, don’t get too many chances before I give up on them. Then its up to them to win me back or not.
     I have taken a chance or two on a few horses. Some of them worked out pretty good. A few I couldn’t wait to close the trailer door on their way out of here! I guess that is the way life is..take a chance, be ready to give someone a leg up, but…… keep your hand on the trailer door just in case!

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I See You Fixed The Title…. The Writings…. Are Inspiring… Some Make Me Feel Guilty. Others… Make me Smile… And Some… Laugh Right Out Loud.. Still Others Make Me Wonder If “I’m Doin It Right”. But All Of Them Make Me Want To Slow Down And Re-Evaluate My Own Thinking…. That My Old, Dear Friend……….Touches One’s Very Soul…
Thank You For Always Accepting Me As I Was, Am, And Will Be..

Jeff (Hammer)

Comment by Jeff

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