Corn is in!
June 28, 2011, 7:06 am
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Planted 6 weeks later than normal

June 28, 2011

     Well, the corn is finally planted. It is way later than usual, but planted just the same. I think I will get a crop, I probably won’t see 170 bushels to the acre, but I never do anyway 😮
     If the corn gets frosted by an early frost this fall or even if it just doesn’t ripen, hogs will eat “soft corn”. The crop will be saved. My hard work and seed money will not have been lost … so all is well here on the farm.
     The hay did not get wet and it looks like the last of the clouds will pass without dumping on us. Cutting the hay, and taking that chance so far has worked out. It cured all day yesterday and boy does it smell good.
     Today I will cut much more hay down. The 2011 haying season is in full swing. My neighbors are scrambling to make hay too. This spring and early summer has been a challenge, but that is farming.
     The woods are beautiful. The tree’s leaves are full and vibrant. The deep green colors make for a stunning view. It’s easy to not even notice, but the rains that delayed my farming have sure given the trees a boost. Looking at the woodlot is just one more added benefit to living here … it takes your mind off all the delays … at least for a little while 😮
     Today will be a day for reflection. The tractor will make round after round as I mow the fields of hay. I will be ever watchful of the job, but can send my mind on vacation. I can make plans, sort out problems and think about people and things that I have known. This process is heightened in the next day or two when the horses and I rake the hay. They are much quieter than the tractor and thoughts come easier.
     A mundane task can provide you with some down time. Keep your hands busy, be aware, but allow yourself the time to ponder the universe. It may just be your universe, but the time spent will be much appreciated. Shut off the television and radio. Let your mind wander while your hands work. You will be rested when the job is finished… no fretting!  This time is for remembering an old friend, thinking about a fun time from long ago or working out the specifics of a new venture. The job will get completed before you know it and you will feel refreshed with a glad heart … try feeding this line to teenagers working in the garden 😮
     Have a great day people. I must go “make hay while the sun shines”. Know for sure that I am in my thoughts and in my glory …does it get any better than that? ….. I don’t think so!

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Beav – Glad the corn is in. You have the right attitude – don’t fret, it’ll get done. Sometimes that’s better said than done. And, I think I do my best thinking when my hands are in dishwater!

Comment by Aunt June

Yesterday i had someone ask me why i planted so many veggies, i simply told them i was taught to fill my pantry with goodness and to share my blessings and they will come back to me two fold…….does that count for sharing your wisdom also?? hope so THANKS again Dad ps what about the sharing of your famous “manure” hahaha??????? that should count also hehehehe

Comment by Donna aka Gert

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