Watching them grow
June 30, 2011, 3:58 pm
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Lambs almost as big as mom

June 30, 2011

     The lambs grow very fast. They will soon be as big as their mothers. They are not quite eight weeks old, but man are they getting big. In this picture, we are about to move them to another pasture. This wooded pasture was once a dense, useless brush patch. These sheep and other livestock, along with cutting out the junk trees and brush, will soon make this a very nice quiet lea. I plant white clover every spring here and it is starting to flourish … I think the pasture and mom’s milk make the babies grow like mad.
     My oldest son and his family were here today helping to get all the hay tools ready for tomorrows hay day. A big portion will be gathered in and we want everything as ready as it can be. My son did some stuff that I used to do and his children did some things that he used to do…  I stand back and watch them grow …. just like the lambs.
     It’s funny to be at the place in life where I am. I feel young and vibrant, but don’t mind in the least when someone helps me lift a heavy object. My boys will do a few awkward things like crawling under the truck or tractor… I don’t mind that either. I make a lesson out it by saying that they need to learn it sooner or later … so might as well learn today 😮
     I get the pleasure of being the wise one. I guess because I have lived long enough to have learned a few things. I pass on that wisdom along with some “wise cracks” …  just to keep everybody entertained. I think it helps all of them to grow..or at least mature so they know to respect their elders…. Even if we do sound a bit weird now and then.

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