Plan B
July 2, 2011, 7:18 am
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2011 round bales

July 2, 2011

     Yesterday after a very long night and not much sleep, we started to bale our first cutting 2011 hay. The plan was for this field to be all baled in small square bales. The small square baler had other ideas.
     The little old baler is a bit temperamental at times. It usually won’t tie a couple of bales, but then settles in and hardly misses any at all. Yesterday was just the opposite…it tied a couple and missed the rest.
     I kept my patience for a while, but then walked away before I had a fit. I am sure that I will get the baler working just fine, but I couldn’t do it yesterday. My uncle was the tractor operator and baler guy. He tried to make it all work too, but we ended up with several windrows of bales scattered from one end of the field to the other… They actually looked like rabbit turds littering the entire field before he gave up.
     Plan B, get the tractor and round baler going. I had only a small window to work before heading off, to work my off farm job. The round baler worked well but I was not sure how it would do on the rabbit turds! With some help from my son and a few others who picked up miles of broken string, I got the field finished … thank goodness for Plan B
     I think it is always good to have a back-up plan, or so-called plan B. There is even wisdom in it. This morning we got a little rain, just enough to spoil the hay if I had not baled it yesterday. I can’t say that I always have a secondary plan in place, but do try to remain flexible and keep my options open.
     As a kid I wanted to be a farmer. Everyone discouraged me, so I thought I would be a veterinarian. That didn’t work out too well when I got to “higher math”. I decided instead to become a butcher…after all it was still working with animals 😮  That career, after many years,  also was not meant to be, so I wound up in a manufacturing plant. That job gives me the where-with-all to farm… a dream comes full circle. I’m not sure it was a plan B, but I sure am happy.
     In life, having a contingency plan is comforting. I may leave this world tomorrow, but I have had a wonderful life, filled with friends and people who love me. I get to do much of what I want, when I want to do it. I am a farmer, writer and humble shepherd, surrounded by peace …my plan B … is to love the Lord my God with all my heart and be saved by the blood of Jesus. I’m not much for walking on golden streets, but I sure hope I get to tend to the animals.

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See you there! I can’t sing worth a lick, but I’m hoping God will let me sing in the choir when I get there.

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