July 26, 2011, 8:54 am
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Sweet Corn July 26 2011

July 26, 2011

     It is amazing what a half an inch of rain can do. This corn was 5 inches high on fourth of July and today, three weeks later, it’s up to my chest. You can see by the shadow that it was a self-portrait and if you think that fist is fat … you should have seen my double chin that close 😮
     The heat wave continued yesterday. We did get a little pop up shower that took our total rainfall amount to half an inch since last Saturday. Many around us got much more, some even had flooded basements, but we were missed this time by most of the rain … hopefully we will get some more before too long.
     It is amazing that corn was once a grass, cultivated and propagated by the Mayans. It now feeds much of the world. They were patient. It took many generations of people to selectively save seed to finally get what we have today. Our super scientist and their GMO seed missed the patient part. They are sure they are not fouling our food supply … I am not so sure. I pray that we don’t find all the negatives forty years from now … Hey, DDT was once a gardeners wonder spray blessed by well-meaning scientist!
     Yesterday I saw a whole bunch of baby Praying Mantis. They were very tiny and very recently hatched. The presence of these “good bugs” ,toads and even fireflies, lets me know that there is a balance on my farm. Earthworms also abound and it is a good thing they do. The capillary action that they give to the soil was a real help during our wet spring. Compacted soils stayed waterlogged much longer than mine did.
     The Canadian geese have been gleaning our speltz field for several days now. I guess they are getting what I missed. The goose and gander are teaching the young ones how to fly, land and look after themselves. All too soon they will be gathering in the autumn sky for the trek south… signalling winter’s fast approach. Today, however, they are predicting 88 degrees F.
     The horses and I are spreading compost. We start early before the flies bite too bad. I have fly nets ordered for them to help give them some relief beyond our homemade fly spray. Those green heads bite hard and now the big black horse flies are here. Those black ones feel as if they have a drill bit installed on their heads…those suckers hurt!
     It may sound corny, but … have an A-Maize-Ing  Day!

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I came apon an old email that prompted me to check out your blog. It’s wonderful!
I went searching for the Lucy tribute and found a whole treasure trove of writing and wisdom.
I’m so proud to call you my friend!

Comment by Kat

I believe i can help with the greenhead and deer fly problem.

Comment by Jeff

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