Taking crap from everyone!
July 27, 2011, 10:48 pm
Filed under: July 2011
Knight & Hoss hauling the manure spreader

July 27, 2011

     Knight and Hoss are walking down our farm lane, hauling a load of manure. It was a very cool evening much to our delight. The loaded spreader pulled easy on the dry, hard ground. The horses walked leisurely along as if there was no load at all. So it went, as we took crap from everyone!
     I use a big manure spreader that holds 125 bushels. It is a power take off driven spreader. My powercart handles the unloading as the horses pull it around the fields. We are applying compost to the recently combined speltz field.
     The powercart is a wonderful thing for me and my way of farming. It enables me to use horses on every piece of equipment on our farm. The powercart has 3-point hitch, power take off, remote hydraulics and rear wheel steering. Any category one, piece of equipment, will fit right on. The hydraulics are electric so I only have to run the engine to turn the power take off shaft. The rest of our work is done in the peaceful quiet where the only sound is harness jingling, footsteps and bird song.
     The engine on the powercart is about 33 horsepower. The horses supply all the traction power, so this engine can do the work that a 50 horsepower tractor can do. If I need more horsepower, I just go get another horse. The tongue on the powercart is set up for a quick change to a 3-horse hitch, by pulling 3 pins. It is a homemade, well designed piece of equipment built by a Pennsylvania friend of mine.
     When I stripped the harness from the horses tonight, the only sweat was just a little under the harness. This was much better than last week when the sweat rolled off of all of us, just standing still. The horses are still grateful to have the harness off, I think mostly for the attention they get as I pet and talk to them.
     The horses get turned out into a big pasture at night. The flies don’t bother them and the evening air is cool. They drink deeply, find a perfect spot and roll. They lay around enjoying the rest time just as I do, knowing that tomorrow, we will do it all again …. start taking crap from everyone that is 😮

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