Rembrandt … Maybe?
July 28, 2011, 3:26 pm
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The Garden Fence 2011

July 28, 2011

     The garden fence has been installed. The old posts were re-used we just drove them in a little deeper and straightened them as we went. The boards are new and freshly painted. The paint is supposed to last 15 years, I guess we will see.
     My wife painted the entire fence. She did it in record time. Well, at least I think so. I am not much of a painter, but my wife may even be another Rembrandt. She whips that brush and roller around like a professional and hardly drips. I , on the other hand, drip all over. I usually have as much paint on me as I do on the project. Hands down, Connie is the painter in this house.
     The patio project continues. I re-used all the old slabs of concrete. The new pad will be a bit larger and definitely more level. We have a guy who will be stamping a design on the new cement. It should be very nice. I hope to complete it very soon. We don’t sit out there much in the winter, so finishing it soon would be in my best interest 😮
     The horses and I continue to spread compost on the speltz field. That job is going good too. I hope to cover the field within the week. I have other places to spread, but want that field done first to give the newly seeded hay crop a good dose of nutrition.
     We got six tenths of an inch of much-needed rain overnight. Today everything looks refreshed and even a bit greener. I think we will have to resume lawn mowing very soon. I am OK with that,,,especially because “Rembrandt” also mows our lawn 😮  I do the farm work and she mows the lawn. It gives her some time out in the sun and she likes to do it, so I guess that is perfect … well, it is for me!
     We had a ram rodeo yesterday. I traded one for another from a local farmer. I had given him the ram a few years ago and it was time for him to switch rams. I took him a dandy and traded for this big handsome fellow that is now in my barn. The dandy ram I took him got away from us and took a tour of his new surroundings before finally going with the ewes. The big fellow didn’t want to leave his ewes either. In fact I think he resents me for it. He plowed me over yesterday during the loading and again today as I unloaded him.
     This new ram has yet to be named. I have called him several things so far, but none can be repeated in the presence of ladies or small children. Actually I am thinking his name should be dinner. The Muslim holidays are upon us and I think he should become the guest of honor or better yet the main course!  Hey, I might be on to something! I can call him Ram-A-Don.

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If “Rembrandt” is available, I have some painting I need done. I hate it too, and I marvel at painters who make it look so easy.

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