Clean Up Crew
July 30, 2011, 4:32 pm
Filed under: July 2011
Circling Buzzards

July 30, 2011

     Seventeen buzzards circled the back pasture today. I watched them land on fence posts one by one. Then they started to feed on something surely dead in the pasture. I went to investigate. No animals had been in the pasture since last fall. I was sure it wasn’t one of our farm animals, but I still wondered what the clean up crew was after.
     They flew from their fence post perches as I approached. They didn’t seem too annoyed, but left just the same. They circled overhead watching me as I looked for the dead animal. My nose soon found the racoon. I don’t know for sure what killed it. The evidence was pretty much eaten by the crew and I am no CSI person.
     I like having the buzzards around. They come in early spring about late April. It seems they come just in time for lambing. They glean the fields for the afterbirth from the baby lambs. The entire field is always spotless as the buzzards wait nearby to keep it all clean. I am very sure this is healthy for the sheep and lambs as well as, giving the buzzards many meals. It does seem a little gross, but hey this is how nature intends it no be .. I am not going to argue!
     The hot summer days are upon us. The grass is slowing down. The corn is growing fast as long as the rains keep it watered. The harvest will come soon enough. My chores are lessened because all the animals are on pasture. It also helps that the clean up crew is on duty…every mindful to keep the farm cleaned up ..  Thanks guys 😮

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