The Pig Barn
July 31, 2011, 3:24 pm
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The little house of hog

July 31, 2011

     The last day of July is upon us. Summer is more than half over. Where did it go? As I look back a bit I can see that I used it up. I didn’t spend many days loafing, so even though the month is fleeting, I am satisfied with all that I was able to accomplish.
     The little pig barn, in the photo, was one of the first structures built on our farmstead. It was constructed mostly from leftovers from another building. I slapped a coat of stain on it to make it blend in and look like it belonged here. Now, with the border flowers gracing its facade, it is a quaint little cottage that some of our pigs call home.
     The pig barn has a three-foot aisle way and doors on each end. It has three 8×8 pens. The east door opens to a cement lot and gates to the pasture. Our piggies have access to an exercise paddock all of their life. They get play time each day, even in the winter. I can vouch that happy pigs makes for great tasting meat. No stress, no worries and no rough handling. Pig raising too is part of the balance on our farm.
     The little pig barn measures 12×24. It has a cement floor for easy cleaning. The stalls are well bedded even in the summer. The pigs stay clean. We often use sawdust in the summer because I believe that it is cooler than straw. The pigs slumber on hot days often unaware of my presence, so I think they like the fresh sawdust too.
     The stalls in the pig barn are just the right size for two pigs of the same size from weaning to finished weight. They get daily exercise and are not cramped in any way. This building has served us well for eleven years and I expect it to last a long time baring some unforseen catastrophe.
     The little barn in its grandeur,graced with flowers and small animal statues, pleases me. It makes me feel at home, much like pictures on the wall or knickknacks on a shelf. It says I love you. I think it’s those flowers that make the difference. They bloom in spite of getting run over, rooted through by the pigs and other livestock, even munched on by the goats!
     The flowers are more of the perennials that we split and then look for a place to plant them. Here again is another unexpected pleasing sight, just like the little building made from scraps. It could have been a castaway, the material burned or tossed out, but it became a very important part of our farm. It is functional , necessary and pleasing to look at.
     I too could have been tossed out. I was conceived out-of-wedlock at a time when this was very taboo. My mother kept me anyway. My dad stood beside her and I was born to a young couple who were just getting by. Their marriage didn’t last, but their love for me did. It helped me to grow and become a positive influence. I am not sure that I am pleasing to the eye, but I am functional and necessary… I have to lift all those awkward and not heavy objects 😮
     I am sure that I brighten the days of friends and family. I know that my animals think I am pretty special, especially at chore time. In your own life find perfection in imperfection, look for the good and you will find it. Plant flowers and trees ….. One day you will be glad that you did.

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