Cementing Friendships
August 14, 2011, 9:21 pm
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The patio goes in, friendships are cemented

August 14, 2011

     My son and his friend put our patio in. They stamped the concrete to look like flagstone. It went very well and looks nice. They had quite a bit of help from their children, but survived it anyway 😮
     My son and his buddy have been friends since they were very small boys. They grew up near each other and spent lots of time together. They played little league and other sports all the way through high school.
     They learned life lessons together. One that comes to mind revolves around a few beers, a muddy pasture, a small truck  and physics. You can’t push a small truck out of a muddy pasture in the middle of the night after a few beers … and you have to tell Dad.
     I was not too tough on them. I pulled them out, praised them for not drinking and driving and kept most of their secret, between us. I still keep a few secrets for them. I have also shared my dis-pleasure with them in such a way that they kept on the straight and narrow in spite of testosterone.
     I watched the two of them work and was very proud of both of them. They worked hard, cared about what the did and exemplified teamwork. Their children watched, waited and learned as well. Those little kids will one day be great friends too, I bet.
     I have enjoyed watching my sons and “Ryan” grow up together. I am enjoying even more watching them become men, husbands and daddys. I am proud to have been a part of who they are and thank God for that pleasure.
     Most folks will see our patio and see a slab of stamped concrete. I look at the cement and see a lifetime of love and guidance, along with a friendship that will last the test of time.        Thank you boys … you are doing real good!

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