Blissful Sleep
August 15, 2011, 11:40 pm
Filed under: August 2011
Sleeping like a baby

August 15, 2011

     My grandson slept in his stroller as a cement truck thundered by. He dozed happily as we poured the cement patio. The big trucks engine revved and lots of folks were shouting and talking loud. Our little snoozer kept right on sleeping as if all was quiet.
     I sleep like that from time to time, but only after some very hard work. Many nights I wake often thinking about the day ahead and things that I can’t change. My corporate world is one of stress and drama. The later taxes my sleep too much. It is the bliss found on this farm that relaxes my soul.
     People think that I work too hard here. I usually laugh it off. This farm work is not work to me. I can’t wait to set myself free and get lost in my projects, chores and horse time. I love this place. It nurtures me, heals me and keeps me healthy. I find true peace here and it is that peace that makes everything else in my life OK.
     My family is here. My friends gather here. My animals know me here and even the plants respond kindly to me. Sure, I have a bad day now and then, but mostly it is as good as it gets here on Earth. I don’t want to be anywhere else.
     My grandson slept feeling safe. He was surrounded by people who love him. He was protected in the shade and he had his binky to comfort him. I guess that darn thing comforts him… makes it hard for me to understand him, but he sure likes it. He did find comfort here, just as I do, no matter what else was going on.
     I am enjoying a few days off. I am not working hard, but have been working steady. I am accomplishing things that please me. I am enjoying the animals, harvesting the garden bounty and spending quality time with close friends and family. I am on vacation right here at 44047…who needs the Caribbean?
     We got another inch of rain last night. That makes a five-inch total since the storms started Saturday. Everything is well soaked and water stands in puddles. There is mud to navigate and the ditches a running too. The pond levels have recovered and the corn is reaching for the sun. All is well in my world and I am ever grateful.
     Tonight I will sleep the sleep of a child. My body is tired, my soul is full and my mind is filled with peace. I don’t have a binky… but I am comforted just the same 😮

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