Bringing Home the King
August 19, 2011, 8:51 am
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King 2 months old

August 19, 2011

     He is here! Our new pup. He is an American Mastiff. He is a little fuzzball, but not for long. He will grow into a large dog weighing up to 200#. This will be a very interesting story… stay tuned 😮
     We were discussing getting “King” a few weeks before Lucy (our Border Collie) got sick. We had no idea that she would soon be leaving our farm and this life. We had hoped that Lucy would help King learn the ropes around here. She could have taught him the boundaries, both personal and property. She would have been an awesome teacher.
     “King” came to us from breeders here in Ohio. The folks at Flying W Farms were very informative and helpful. We are now the proud owners of an American Mastiff. A blurb on their website says, “The Lion is to the cat, what the Mastiff is to the dog.”  I can see exactly what they mean. These are some large, intelligent animals.
     Our Lucy could not be replaced by another Border Collie. I would have expected way too much from the new puppy. Lucy was smarter than any dog I have ever owned. She could almost read my mind. I don’t know how she did it. I will say that she loved me until the minute she died, with unfailing devotion. I will miss her for the rest of my life. She watches the farm from the corner of our garden, where she rests under the shade of two fire bushes, planted just for her.
     The new dog and I are getting acquainted. He is quite different from Lucy. She was dainty and very ladylike. King , on the other hand, is still a puppy. He is clumsy and sloppy, but playful and mindful. So far potty training is going very well. The collar leash thing is so-so. Right now I go where ever he leads me… I need to work on this 😮
     I think I have done ok with clumsy , sloppy boys. I know that I have had direct influence in four who are now great men. I have touched the lives of several others who likewise are good men. I think I can get this little guy to become a productive part of our farm too. He will protect us, love us and be my constant companion. I look forward to the next several years and the journey that he and I will share.
     Connie is liking the pup too , so far. He is in our breezeway, in a cage that is huge. It is hard to believe that he will one day fill it up, but believe me, after meeting his mom and dad … He will definitely fill it up 😮
     King gets his name from us. He shares his royalty with our draft horses Knight and Duke. Like them, he will grow for four years too. I am pretty sure he will be the King around here, second only to me…. as soon as we learn that collar leash thing correctly 😮

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I am so excited King gets the breezeway!! Looks like he is going to be a good fit at Riceland Meadows!

Comment by Charlie

He’s a little cutie now, but when he’s grown I will definitely call before I visit!

Comment by Aunt June

I get to see King tomorrow IRL.. but happy I’m getting a sneak peek tonight. He looks adorable!

Comment by Kat

Welcome King!!! He is going to be very able to command respect from both friend and foe! and you will be able to watch him grow by the minute(trust me!) I am sure Lucy will be quietly whispering helpful suggestions in his ear on the farm life as any great angel would!! Glad you have the cage temporarily since puppies love to find mischieve and they need that protection at this stage as well as your home hahahah cant wait to bring him a nice chew toy and make friends with him!!!

Comment by Donna aka Gert

sloppy maybe but clumsy that must be one of the athere 3
like i say my mom rasied a dummy but that was my brothers.
ha ha ha !!!! love you all
king will be fine you will make sure of that .
not your first rodeo!!!
or moms
give her hugs from us

Comment by matt

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