A Picture Worth A Thousand Words
August 21, 2011, 5:55 pm
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A painting by Nancy Orth

August 21, 2011

     This painting was done by a lady that I used to work with. She painted it from a photograph. My dog in the photo died while she was painting the picture of me plowing. She had never seen the dog alive. She drew the dog into the painting from a different picture. The details in the painting are spot on. I am in amazement that anyone has this kind of talent. Thank you Nancy, for a picture worth well beyond a thousand words.
     The painting will go above our fireplace mantle on the wall. It has already had many nice comments. I have to study it every time I walk by it myself. It is beautiful and very well done. It makes a great addition to our home.
     I broke a Percheron mare for a lady who lives down state. I have had the young horse in my care for quite a while. I delivered her home yesterday. The horse and lady were reunited. The horse has a very good home and will be spoiled rotten. I think they will enjoy each other for years to come.
     We are now down to three geldings. They match well. They are broke to all my farm equipment and will still leave me with plenty of “horse” power. I will move them to the original horse barn built just for them. I had six horses this spring, but have downsized to the three that I want and need.
     The field corn is in full tassel and making ears. The rain and sun are coming in a great balance for that. I think we will indeed get a crop of the much-needed grain. The rain is making it a little tough to make any second cutting hay, but I need the corn much more and can always let the animals graze the tall grass…harvesting the hay themselves 😮
     Summer still has some nice days to enjoy. The fields are once again lush green. The livestock is very content as they munch on the tender grasses. My list is getting a little shorter, thanks in part to those around me, who help get the work done. I even get a few minutes each day to enjoy this farm and its views… and believe me, there are several that are worth a thousand words!

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The painting is very nice, right down to the plaid shirt. Looking forward to viewing it above the mantle.

Comment by Aunt June

give me the size and i will make frame for it
looks grate

Comment by matt

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