Marks on my Heart
August 22, 2011, 11:02 pm
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Stamped concrete

August 22, 2011

     My son and his buddy stamped the concrete for our new patio. The design resembles river rock or field stone. It makes a pretty design and is colored to add to its mystic. They did a good job and my wife is very happy. The cement will out last me for sure. The design will stand for all to see for a very long time.
     Just as the designs in the concrete have texture and shape, the memories in my mind make marks on my heart. I have memories of family and friends that are locked away only to be viewed when something triggers my heart. It’s funny to me how my heart can talk to my mind and visa-versa.
     A song on the radio can take me back many years, as can a smell or touch. My senses come alive when I take time to listen to them. The creak of my horses harness will often remind me of grandpa. The small bells on their harness cause me to think of an old friend who got me started with draft horses.
     I bet the scars on my heart from all those wonderful marks would scare some people, but I wear them as a badge of honor. I am so very blessed to have been loved by so many people. These are people who care enough to love until it hurts…  it is a love tried and true.
     I have marks made by the pain of love too. First love, failed love and just plain rejection can make an awful sting. The pain lasts a lifetime, but makes the good love even better. So, it is with bittersweet emotion that I remember some of those pains and thank God for them too.
     The newest engravings on my heart come from our youngest grandchildren. They line up with ones from grandkids who came before. They won my heart, filled my life and touched my soul. The best part of all is, that I have given them memories to cherish and marks on their own hearts. Those designs will last for many generations as they share their love for me, just as I share the love from my grandparents and those who have gone before.
     We touch everyone we meet in some way. I hope that I am mostly positive, but do reserve the right to be a real jerk to those who deserve it. I can be and have been, a genuine, down right, hard-headed Scotch-Irishman and by God I am proud of that too. It’s part of who I am and I make no excuses. Someone put that mark on me too, passed it down and I will pass it on 😮
     The patio was completed by two friends, my son and his pal. I helped raise them both. I know that I left a mark on them now and then, we laugh about many of them. They were the product of a time-tested model, as were the rest of my boys.
     I helped to grow men as hard as concrete, with enough marks on their hearts to hold a kitten, change a diaper and other than that , take no crap from anybody… and I am proud of every one of them!

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sometimes a littel harder then concrete .
when it comes to the oldest !!!!
but love him all the same.

Comment by matt

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