Doggone little Girls
August 24, 2011, 8:54 pm
Filed under: August 2011
King meets my granddaughter

August 24, 2011

     Doggone little girls have always made me smile. I have been smitten with females ever since I learned there was a difference between me and them. I think I got that from my father 😮 
     Our puppy King is sure smitten with our granddaughter. They played for quite a while. He was a gentleman most of the time … he is still a puppy. They raced and chased a bit. I am sure that both of them will sleep good tonight.
     King is doing great. He is housebreaking himself practically. He is without question, the easiest pup I have ever had to train. I thought that there couldn’t be a smarter dog than our old dog Lucy, but King may just be her equal. He is now nine weeks old. He is housebroken, leash trained, sits and even fetches already. I am looking forward to having him for a pal.
     Connie and I picked up a new hay mower to be used with our horses. I hope to get it assembled and tried out as quickly as possible. The hay is ready, we just have to wait on the weather a little bit. I am sure I will blog about the mower very soon.
     Great day again in northeast Ohio. The garden is doing great. The pastures are staying lush and green. The field corn is unbelievable. I will take a picture on September 4th to show what another 30 days of growing has done. I spent the day with family here on the farm, with everything I love, close by or on my mind.  Yep, it was a great day!

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