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August 28, 2011, 3:54 pm
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Josh and John … they’re not just fishing.

August 28, 2011

     Time slips away from us so fast. It is imperative to take time for the really important things in life. I have been absent for a while because just as my off farm job cuts into my farming time, its cuts into my BLOG time as well. Thankfully, I put family and animals first so as to take care of the big stuff 😮
     My son was teaching my 2-year old grandson how to fish. They have been fishing since the little guy could walk. That time is very special for them and one only has to look to see it. My son has a great deal of patience and stays very cool and calm, no matter how many times my grandson reels in the hook and bobber, empty of fish.
     Josh will cast the line out across the pond and hand the pole to John. The little fellow is sure that he has a fish on almost immediately. “I got one daddy!”, he’ll exclaim. He then starts reeling in the line, often before Josh can get his own pole in the water. My son will calmly say, “No you don’t. Watch the bobber.”  John, however, reels in his “catch” just like Hemingway’s, “Old man of the sea”.
     The scene played out over and over the other day. I watched from the shore with a glad heart. I am not sure where my son got all his patience, but I hope he got the  “how to be a good daddy part”, from me. Sometimes I worry that I wasn’t there enough as my boys grew up, but I can see that Josh understands just how precious time truly is and is making the most of it.
     I remember things that my dad showed me, just as I remember things that other men took the time to teach. I am ever grateful for them to have taken their time to share a moment with me. Those minutes in time, when I asked a thousand questions, when I did it all wrong and when I needed their help, are much of what shaped me to be what I am. I hope that I pass on those treasured gifts to the ones I meet and share life with.
     My grandson hunkers down and watches his daddy. He takes his fishing pole beaming with pride and fishes as if his life depends upon it. My son talks softly to his children as they fish alongside of him. They are bonding at the deepest level and just think they are fishing in Pa-Pa’s pond.
     I watch from the shore, visiting with my daughter-in-law and my wife. The whole scene is surreal. It’s as if I am floating above the whole thing drinking it in with my eyes. It’s then that I realize that I am letting my parents and grandparents live through me. I can feel their love and pride fill my heart with gladness and my soul soars with them for just a while …….  as we all fish on Pa-Pa’s pond

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