Summer Daze
August 30, 2011, 9:44 pm
Filed under: August 2011
King plays in the pond

August 30, 2011

     Today the area school children started back to school. Summer is over for them. They will still fill the evening air with playful shrieks and squeals as they squeeze every last drop of summer out of the calendar, but the summer daze have come to a close.
     Our puppy King discovered the pond. He is delighted. He will squeeze out as much summer play as we will let him. I guess its OK, but he has to get a bath after playing in the pond. He gets very muddy and takes on that wet dog smell …. nothing at all like that new car smell 😮
     I remember playing after school. It always seemed like it was just a tease. Once homework was done and chores were done, it was almost time to get a bath and head for bed. There wasn’t enough time for a walk in the woods, a game of kickball or much of anything, but I stayed outside anyway, right until dark.
     Today was a very busy day. The Ohio Department of Transportation is finally cleaning our roadside ditch. I am keeping all the sloppy mud and dirt to use near the sugarhouse. I am filling in a ravine created when we put the back pond in. The banks are way too steep to mow and even the sheep balk at going up or down it. The gleanings from the ditch will make a great start to a sort of ramp. I have a great vision, we’ll see how it all works out. Right now it is a mess of mud, cattails,  trash and Lord knows what else.
     I have been using a small rented bulldozer to push the dirt over the edge. It has gone well so far. I didn’t get stuck or tip it over so I say it has been successful! Man would I have loved to play on a bulldozer  after school when I was a kid. It would have been awesome! Of course mom would have never let me, I could hear her sighing loudly today, when she thought I was too close to the edge.
     Summer daze are almost over for me too. I am working as hard as I can to complete projects that require dry weather and hard ground. I should make a little more hay, but have been working over the hill at the sugarhouse, building new flowerbeds and tomorrow I hope to complete a couple raised bed gardens. My summer daze are crazy … but there is no way that I would call them …………. LAZY!

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