Precious Cargo
September 5, 2011, 11:09 am
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Scoop full of trouble!

September 5, 2011

     My grandson is waiting for a ride. He really isn’t too much trouble, but he is precious cargo. He likes everything farming, especially anything that moves. He is wise, watchful and curious. This makes Pa-Pa ever mindful to take out keys, set brakes and double-check the gates!
     It is Labor Day today and a picnic will soon be shared. The rain is threatening, the temps are cool, but the food looks wonderful. We are thankful to have enough.
     Chores are done for now and the animals are resting in their pastures. The cool late summer days make them feel special I think. The flies aren’t too bothersome and the sun is behind the clouds. I guess the horses deserve a day off from their labors too.
     Later in the week, once the fields have dried up some, the horses and I will finish our summer job of compost spreading. I am sure that my grandson will get to help load the spreader a time or two. I will get his dad to drive the skid steer while I drive horses back and forth. Hopefully my grandson will choose to work horses one day, using just enough tractor power to keep the jobs done.
     That compost being applied to my fields is also precious cargo. The nutrients will feed next years crop, a host of “good bugs” and the soil itself is truly worth it’s weight in gold … even at today’s prices  😮
     Have a great holiday!

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Glad to know you are taking a bit of a break today! Enjoy it!

Comment by Charlie

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