All Tied Up
September 22, 2011, 10:01 pm
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Our Herd Sire Sampson

September 22, 2011

     Sampson is the ram of our sheep flock. He is purebred Katahdin. He is just getting used to being tied out. He requires constant overseeing on our part. He does not fret when he tangles his foot, he just won’t move! That is wonderful compared to fighting the rope and getting hurt.
     I simply tied him out one day while cleaning his pen. He was enjoying the grass that grows along the lane fence. I decided that he would be a better mower than the brush hog, so started tieing him out. I discovered on the first day that he will not fight the rope. If he gets tangled, he just waits for me to untangle him…. not your regular ram for sure!
     I will not advocate tieing a sheep out. They are much better off to free graze inside of a well made fence. Sheep get scared easily. Sheep die for almost no reason. They are delicate creatures when it comes to stress. “Sam”  is an unusual guy who takes everything in stride and worries about nothing.
     “Sam” has been handled since he was a small lamb. He knows how to lead and will follow me anywhere. He is self-assured and not scared of much of anything. He is patient and quite wise for an animal. All of this being said, I still would not leave him tied unattended … just in case.
     I wonder sometimes if I might be better off when I am all tied up , to just sit and wait. I think sometimes I get wrapped up in too much stuff, then jump and roll trying to get free only to get tangled up worse. Sam simply waits for me to take the danger away. He has confidence in me, knowing that I will rescue him.
     I have simplified my farming by cutting back. I am also working on systems to make farming at a larger level much easier on these old bones. I will use the next couple years to modify and simplify. The main goal is to work draft horses exclusively for our farm’s power. We are at about 50% now, but the goal is to be at 95% by 2012 … and I will get there!
     I must make the best use of my time and not spend it all tied up with stupid time-wasting jobs. I mean things like climbing over make shift gates, cleaning out rigged up water buckets, chipping ice or feeding late into the dark. I have plans for all these things. Most are simple fixes that I didn’t have time to do because I was all tied up with the dumb stuff … see above 😮
     Many of my downfalls can be fixed without spending lots of money. Many just require moving a gate, building a wall or installing automatic waterers. Getting down to just three draft horses will also help. I can make the best use of my barn and tackroom. This will also enable me to harness and care for the horses in much less time, while allowing for more quality time..like breathing on them…a.k.a. spending time just being around them.
     I admit, I was all tied up, working myself into a frazzle. I was always behind and often frustrated. This year, even with our incessant wet weather, I have made money farming, kept up with my lists and even got a few extra things done. The rest of my days will be unencumbered with unnecessary work. I will continue to farm, even earn my living doing it, but with a whole new outlook that leads to success …. make every step count … and don’t get all tied up!

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Hey just a suggestion but cant you teather him higher on the fence to keep his feet free??? hahaha at least he and King seem to get along well………heres hoping your goat is a happy one……………..cant wait to see all the fall colors on the farm and maybe getting a hot cup of cider and maybe pumpkin roll with you and Mom soon luv you guys

Comment by Donna aka Gert

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