The King and I
September 24, 2011, 1:58 pm
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Taking a break

September 24, 2011

     King and I were taking a break. Connie snapped this picture. We are working on training, so he stays in our kitchen … rather than romping through the house … and he can romp!
     Three years ago today my mother passed away. I am taking a break today to reflect on her memory. We had coffee this afternoon and talked about all sorts of stuff. I feel better, I guess the break was needed. My mom loved big dogs and she would sure love King.
     The sun is peeking out and the bees are active. I am going to try to harvest honey before the next rainy stretch moves in. The hives are full, so taking my share won’t hurt a thing. The goldenrod is blooming making for an excellent honey crop for them to build even a few more stores before winter.
     Winter  😮  Yep, I said it. I realize we are just into Autumn, but winter is knocking on the door. My mom liked the cool temps of fall and was a real lover of winter…perhaps I get it from her. I was born in the winter, like the cold and look forward to the frosty mornings about to descend upon us.
     So, I will harvest honey, relish the first warm days of autumn and reflect on mom and a whole bunch of good times. King will sit nearby…once the honey crop has been taken .. and just learn about the ways of life …patient to just take a break.

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Oh, I am so happy to see King has been welcomed into the house, even if he is confined to the kitchen. (That is the room where all the fun happens anyway).

Speaking of honey, I think if we drilled a hole at the bottom of front door frame, we could use a spigot. LOL…actually it isn’t funny, but I’d rather laugh than to get too stressed about it.

I too am thinking of Mom today. Well, I think of and miss her every day, but today just I miss her more. It still seems like yesterday, yet the time since 2007 has helped to soften the lump in my throat.

She would’ve loved today, it has been decent temperatures and easy breathing.

Comment by Charlie

King! what a handsome pup ❤ enjoying reading your blog Ralph!! keep up the good work xoxo Lisa

Comment by Lisa Munzer

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