Sunset at Mom’s Place
September 27, 2011, 7:58 pm
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Mom’s resting place by the sugarhouse

September 27, 2011

     I snapped this picture tonight at sunset. We got well over two inches of rain last night. The sun came out late this morning and made for a pretty day. The creeks, ditches and rivers are very high, but the sun made me feel better anyway.
     I was out checking to see that the river had reached its crest as was finally going down. The woods are flooded, but the water is receding. The sun was setting and made for a beautiful scene as the leaves on the trees are just starting to turn.
     Very soon I will be filling mom’s bird feeder. I keep it out there in remembrance of her. The birds like it, but so do the doggone fox squirrels! Oh well, they are God’s creatures too. I need to make a feeder just for them in hopes they will stay out of the bird feeder.
     I like to sit on the cement bench in the photo. It is a good place to just rest and think. I talk stuff over with mom and drink coffee now and then. It is peaceful there …. I think you can see that even from the photo.
     I worked on my inside list this morning and got a couple of things completed. I even managed to mow the lawn tonight even though I left a few marks. I decided that I had better try it, because the weatherman says more rain for us over the next several days.
     It is funny, I used to like going to my mother’s in the evening. I could sit and talk, knowing that the day’s work was done and that I wasn’t wasting time. That still holds true, as I visit mom’s place at sunset.

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Coffee and donuts? Coffee soup? Mid morning was usually our time.

Comment by Serena Togger

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