Water, water everywhere!
September 29, 2011, 4:27 pm
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Swollen little creek

September 29, 2011

     The little creek above you can usually step across. It is usually a foot wide at the widest spot. The recent rains, still running off the land, makes for swollen creeks, ponds and rivers. I won’t talk about my saturated fields now, but suffice to say they are wet too!
     I suffered a stomach problem yesterday that was awful. I still am not myself, but do think I will live. It is a wonderful thing to have good health and I have been blessed with over fifty years of it so far. That is most certainly a gift from God.
     We still can’t do any farming to speak of, due to the wet weather. More rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow. I guess high winds are in our future too. Good thing I have heavy horses, otherwise they might be rolled up against the fence like a tumble weed 😮
     King went to his vet appointment today. He needed to get his puppy shots. He now weighs 38.8# and is fourteen weeks old. He is growing into his regal name at a very fast pace.
     My aunt Judy went to be with her Lord. She will know everybody there and the ravages of Alzheimer’s will be long forgotten. I will miss her because of many things, one of which was her “beet jelly”. I know its sounds like it would taste awful, but it was awesome .. YUM.
     I heard a man today say that folks say you can’t take anything with you when you leave this earth. He said is was absolutely not true. He said that he is taking his memories with him and has given the undertaker instructions to add three feet to the depth of his grave. That extra three feet is for his memories!
     When it’s my time to go, I want to be cremated. I will have my ashes scattered on my farm and use all of its acres to contain my memories. I am thankful to have a bunch of them … and like the man said, “I’m just warming up!”

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